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It is often said that art comes from the heart. Carlito Palmeira's ardent passion for expressing life through art has been deep-rooted in his heart – and his soul – for as long as he can remember. Now an established Canadian designer and multimedia artist, Carlito was born in Brazil into a family of talented artists of myriad disciplines. His second-nature talent and deep passion for music and design were evident from a very early age.

His self-taught evolution and involvement with art and design have accompanied him through many phases of life, from a formal technical education in the field of science through a now-relinquished career as a Chemist. So it's no surprise that Carlito's artistic expression – in the form of music, design, sculpture and painting – covers a wide variety of materials and techniques. Curved lines, round and geometric forms are his signature. He uses metal, wood, fibreglass and natural leather in projects that range from framed art work to furniture, room dividers, wall panels, and exclusive residential and commercial doors.

When asked about his art and style Carlito emphasises: "I do not adopt styles nor follow trends.  My creations just reflect images of my  inner Universe and of things around me".

After extensive research, experimentation and critical success with leather as a prime material for his projects, Carlito found a perfect niche. His exclusive leather art collection is contemporary and minimalist. Its style can be classified as constructive or sometimes defined as geometric abstractions with occasional presence of organic elements. He combines the texture of natural leather, bright colors, alternating high-low reliefs and metal accents to create images of extreme beauty and harmony. Beyond the constraints of words, it is without parallel in the use of natural leather in interior design.




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